BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the sole dance mentor of iQIYI‘s survival program, Youth With You 3. Though she can’t travel to China due to safety issues caused by the pandemic, she’s still active through video chats and recordings.


Her famous “strict mentor” persona came back in full force in the position evaluation’s preparation period. She pinpointed the moves that the trainees were doing wrong and those they needed to emphasize even more.

Tomorrow you’ll be on stage, but you’re still making mistakes…the class won’t be over until you’re in synch.

— Lisa

As a mentor, she doesn’t simply critique them, however, as she also does her best to help them improve. Lisa’s a tough but warm teacher who goes out of her way to make sure the trainees can give an outstanding performance.

You’ll get a bit dizzy when spinning. So what do we do? It won’t be in synch if you stare at different places. So the range of your hand movements needs to be the same.

— Lisa

lisa practice
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This was exactly what happened when she taught trainee Jerome D how to dance to “Letting Go” better. She kindly asked him to do it one more time alone. Though he was shy, he followed her instructions right away.

lisa patient
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Instead of being disappointed at his lack of training, she laughed while saying, “Oh, so cute! Oh my god” as he ended up looking like a tiger in one move.

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She got to work right away and gave her recommendations. When Jerome apologized, she told him not to worry.

You don’t have to be sorry! I mean, I’m trying to help you out of these hands. You need to put your strength in it. Your hands don’t have strength right now.

— Lisa

lisa jerome
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Lisa even got up from her chair to demonstrate the wave. “Jerome, when you’re down, can you put your hip a little bit out? And your knee. Yeah, that’s easier.”

Other groups also had the privilege of attending Lisa’s dance classes. Each time, she gave comments, suggestions, and praise that helped the teams show perfect performances on stage.

That’s Youth With You‘s helpful dance mentor!

lisa youth with you 3

Check out the full video below!