After almost three months of singing, dancing, tears, and laughter, BLACKPINK Lisa‘s time as a mentee on the Chinese boy group survival show Youth With You 3 is finally coming to an end. Ahead of the finale episode, the show’s trainees were asked to fill out a teaching satisfaction survey, and their touching reviews of Lisa’s mentor abilities prove she’s perfect for the role.

While Lisa initially predicted she’d receive B+ ratings from the contestants she worked with, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Across the board, her scores ranged from A to “A++++++,” and everyone had their own reasons for praising her.

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BoogieFish, for example, gave Lisa an A-plus score for being a “Street Dance Goddess,” while Tony also named her incredible dance skills as the reason for his rating. Lian Huaiwei said she’s part of “the universe-level girl group,” BLACKPINK, while X listed Lisa’s numerous plus points: “Charisma. Highly skilled. Sweet and cool. Dance genius. Barbie Girl.”

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But other trainees went into even more detail, gushing over how great Lisa was on the show. Neil stated that even if the maximum teaching score is 100 points, Lisa would still score 1,000 points. He gave the BLACKPINK star an “A++++” rating for teaching because she’s “beautiful, adorable, cool, handsome, and cute“, noting that she’s especially cute during classes.

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Krystian went further, talking about how king Lisa’s personality is. When asked to give her a score, he answered, “A, definitely.” His reason? “It seems that she takes care of us meticulously,” he said, adding that she’s very nice.

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And Crayon shared that sentiment, recalling a time when Lisa truly showed how much she cared. During one episode, Crayon appeared to be struggling to stay upright. Lisa was quick to ask whether he was okay, and Luo Yizhou revealed that Crayon was up at 4:00 a.m. the previous night with a fever.

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After excusing himself to throw up, Crayon returned and claimed he was fine to continue, but a concerned Lisa insisted he sat down. “She keeps each one of us in her mind,” Crayon shared in his teaching evaluation.

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She is kind. When we got injured, or she noticed that we felt unwell, she’d ask us to have a rest. When we met next time, she still remembered this and asked us once again.

— Crayon

When Lisa heard the trainees’ evaluations of her, she was in disbelief. Of course, fans know just as well that there couldn’t be a more perfectly kind and charming mentor for the job than Lisa herself.

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