BLACKPINK shows off their sexy charm in latest pictorial with Elle Magazine.

blackpink kia seltos

Fashion magazine Elle recently unveiled their latest collaboration with BLACKPINK and Kia Motor‘s new compact SUV Seltos. The company also recently released a promotional video of the Seltos that features the BLACKPINK members.

Each girl is seen posing with the car. The girls are decked out in all-black with pink-red lighting to highlight the mature aura of the photos.

jennie kia seltos

jisoo kia seltos

Each girl got to pose with their own car, looking seductively into the camera. Many agree that the girls look chic and fierce in their shots.

rose kia seltos

lisa kia seltos

Now if BLINKs need a new ride, they’ll know to cop the Kia Seltos thanks to BLACKPINK!

blackpink kia seltos1