BLACKPINK is so popular, even babies are named after them! The girls were in for a surprise when they held an online broadcast to celebrate their third year anniversary.

blackpink vlive

Besides talking about why Lisa is the hottest member…

…and biting a candle that they thought was chocolate…

…they also read their fan’s messages. It was here when they learned that a certain BLINK named their daughter after the members themselves!

named after

They brought up two popular name combinations—”Lalisé” from Lisa and Rosé, and “Jensoo” from Jennie and Jisoo.

lalise jensoo

After finding the comment again in the sea of messages, they found out that the original commenter picked the name “Lalisé” for her daughter. BLACKPINK immediately liked the choice, saying, “Oh really? That’s pretty! That’s nice!

that's nice

They went so far as to say it was a cool name. The girls were notably touched by the fan’s unique show of support, with Lisa nodding her head at the comment.

cool name

If you want to see their full interaction with BLINKs, check out the video below.