BLACKPINK‘s Rosé kills it in every single style! She tends to wear more trendy, feminine, and cute clothing that fits her girl next door aura. The year so far has given BLINKs many memorable clothing options that look absolutely adorable on her.

If you want to copy her style, check out the clothes below!

1. Black And White

That black beret completed her outfit!

rose bw
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

2. Feathers

She was ethereal in her white top with feathers.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

rose feathers
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

3. Sunflowers

A sunflower dress with a white collar, high ponytail with a bow, and Hank by her side was a lethally cute combination.

bp rosie
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

bp rosie2
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

4. Yellow

Her yellow cardigan matched her hair during her birthday online broadcast. Though it was simple, she still looked totally attractive in it.

bp rose yellow
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

5. Black

Her black attire may be a classic looking piece, but its lace collar and large buttons give it a softer vibe.

rose black
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

rose black2
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

6. Pink Ruffles

The highlight of Rosé’s THE SHOW “Sour Candy” stage costume was definitely her pink ruffle top.

rose the show
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

rose the show2
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

7. Blue Crop Top

A black ribbon on a striped shirt with puffy sleeves is just peak delightfulness. Add to this is her signature bow hair tie, and it’s a look that many will want to copy!

rose blue
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

rose blue1
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

8. Music Core

Her Music Core “On The Ground” outfit was the sweetest all-green attire ever!

rose green
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

rose green2
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

9. Inkigayo

Her denim outfit with a blue and red scarf are fashion highlights.

rose denim2
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

10. “GONE”

rose mv

Last but certainly not the least, Rosé’s purple gingham dress from TandT Bangkok was the definition of sweet. For $315 USD, you can look just like her!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is a style icon for a reason!

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