BLACKPINK isn’t the only ones who are fashion icons! Even their pets are decked out from head to toe in luxury brands and stylish outfits.

Jennie and her dogs Kai (Left) and Kuma (Right) | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The newest addition of Pet Pink, Hank, isn’t one to fall behind. He’s Rosé‘s recently-adopted beloved mixed breed dog. Despite only being with her for a short period of time, he’s already acclimated to the lifestyle of celebrities. Even the habit of wearing luxury items was passed on to him!

rose hank
| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

Case in point: he received a special gift set from Saint Laurent, the brand of which Rosé is a global ambassador for, last December 23.

Thank you Anthony and Saint Laurent. Merry Christmas to you too????Hank!

— Rosé

hank letter
| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

Here are some of the bougie items that he received!

1. Pet Carrier

hank bag (2)
| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

First up, Hank’s “Pet Carrier in Smooth Leather” is the most expensive thing on the list.

pet carrier bag in smooth leather
| Saint Laurent

The $3,250 USD bag comes with adjustable handles and a Saint Laurent-engraved plaque.

pet carrier side
| Saint Laurent

2. Bowls

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

Even the price of bowls can’t be overlooked! He had two types, a “Large Dog Bowl in Marble” that costs $690 USD…

bowl marble
| Saint Laurent

…and a tinier “Small Dog Bowl in Marble” that retails for $615 USD.

| Saint Laurent

3. Collar

As for accessories that he can wear, Hank’s “Dog Collar in Smooth Leather” costs more than some luxury items at $260 USD.

| Saint Laurent

4. Leash

And finally, his $410 USD black “Dog Leash in Smooth Leather” completes the gifts from Saint Laurent.

| Saint Laurent

In total, Hank and Rosé received $5,225 USD worth of luxury goods!

Even as a pet, he lives a richer life than most people!

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram