How well do you know your favorite idol? Even seasoned BLINKs may not know everything about BLACKPINK‘s Rosé! In an interview with Sohu Korea, ASTRO‘s Rocky asked her several rapid-fire questions that revealed fun snippets about her life.

Find out new facts about her below!

1. Songs she listens to

The song Rosé listened to most recently is Jenevieve‘s “Baby Powder.” Released in March 2020, it is an R&B/Soul song that highlights the singer’s sultry voice.

2. K-Dramas she watches

As for K-Dramas, she watched TV Chosun‘s Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) not too long ago. Starring Sung Hoon, Lee Tae Gon and more, it tells the stories of three different couples.


3. What time she slept

Here’s a random one! The day before filming the interview with Sohu Korea, Rosé slept very late.

[What time did I sleep] last night? Last night, 2:30am.

— Rosé

rose sleep

4. Her bag essentials

Rosé can’t leave the house without the following items: “Wallet, the thing you apply on your lips, [and a] house key.”

blackpink rose2

5. A recent habit of hers

Nowadays, she can’t stop herself from saying “Umm…” while she’s thinking, both in everyday situations and in official interviews.

6. What she ate for lunch

Don’t think that Rosé only eats expensive food! Before filming, she ate a hotdog for lunch.

7. Her favorite lipstick color

Want to copy Rose’s high-fashion look? Buy an “indie pink” lipstick that’s her favorite color.

blackpink rose

8. Member she last called

Lisa is the member she last called on her phone. What they talked about, we can only guess!

lisa rose

9. What she does when she doesn’t have work

And finally, she is all of us when taking breaks.

Lying on my bed and doing nothing, playing on my phone.

— Rosé

Check out the full video below!