BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently held an online broadcast to celebrate her birthday with fans. She played relaxing music in the background while replying to their comments.

bp rose
Rosé celebrated her birthday on February 11 | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

One particular BLINK wanted to protect her from a possible wardrobe malfunction. They noticed that she covered her chest numerous times while leaning in closer to the camera.

rose live2

To ensure her safety, the fan brought this to her attention through a comment.

Rosé, button up to the top button!


She was touched by the advice, buttoning her cardigan shirt while thanking the fan.

You’ll protect Rosé? Ok.

— Rosé

She cutely apologized to the viewers, saying, “Sorry everyone, it was a bit too much.”

Rosé preferred the fully-buttoned up look since it was “Much better” than a few minutes ago.

To see more moments of Rosé interacting with fans, check out the full video below!