Everything about the solo debut of BLACKPINK‘s Rosé was praise-worthy! Her “On The Ground” music video especially stood out as it featured stunning sets, perfect makeup, and of course, drop dead gorgeous outfits! She wore several elegant gowns that we can’t help but drool over.

Check out what brands they’re from and how much they cost below!

1. With combat boots

on the ground rose
| YG Entertainment

The first gown that Rosé wore in the video was a stunning pink Alex Perry “Elena Strapless Open Cuff Gown” that costs $3,935 USD.

alex perry
| Lyst

She paired this with a $128 USD Darker Wavs‘ “Bassline Traitor Boots” that gave her an edgy look that contrasted her red carpet dress.

darker ways
| Darker Wavs

Duality? That’s Rosé!

2. With a rose detail

One of the most interesting scenes in the “On The Ground” music video was when there were six Rosé’s in white atop a staircase. It was a visual explosion that was memorable in every way!

rose roses

Stylists chose the “Mini Dress with Flower Detail” from Mihano Momosa that retails for €1970 EUR or around $2,300 USD.

mini dress rose
| Mihano Momosa

Fans may recognize the outfit as what Jennie wore in THE SHOW during her “SOLO” stage, though the main rapper had on the red version instead.

jennie rose the show solo
| YG Entertainment

To accentuate Rosé’s attire, she used Tiffany & Co‘s “Graduated Link Earrings” that are the most expensive item on this list at an eye-watering $5,800 USD!

tiffany hardwear graduated link earrings
| Tiffany & Co

Definitely worth it!

3. With a short and sweet dress

Finally, Rosé ended the music video with a ruffled dress that made her look as pretty as the flowers surrounding her.

It was the HALEIA “Voluminous Ruffle Sleeved Mini Dress” that she sported, and it ranges between $2,260 to $2,486 USD.


To complete her look, she wore matching pink shoes called “Plaided Detailed Heels” from the same brand which run for $355 USD.

heels haleia1

To top it all off, Rosé had on Tiffany & Co’s “Triple Drop Earrings” that are worth even more than her shoes and dress combined! It was an astonishing $3,200 USD!

| Tiffany & Co

Who can deny that Rosé killed it in every single outfit?

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out her music video for “On The Ground” below!