BLACKPINK‘s Rosé reveals the impression Lady Gaga left behind on her from the time of their top-charting collaboration!

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Rosé participated in a photoshoot for Dazed Korea‘s November issue, where she absolutely slayed with her visuals!

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She also sat down for a subsequent interview, where she answered tons of fun questions for her fans to get to know her better!

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One of the topics they covered in the interview was “Sour Candy”, the wildly successful collaboration between Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK.

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Rosé revealed that Lady Gaga’s super work ethic left quite the impression on her!

She went through every little detail about the lyrics, about the concept, about what the collaboration meant to her.


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Rosé then also spoke warmly of the interpersonal connection she and her members felt with the famous pop star!

We were shocked at how humble and down-to-earth she was. I think that was a big thing in such a big pop star that we grew up looking up to.


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BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga collaborated on the song “Sour Candy” as part of Lady Gaga’s 2020 album Chromatica. The song was an instant hit, breaking tons of records!

Listen to the song here!