BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently released her first ever solo album, R, and fans are loving it! The music video for “On The Ground” was especially praised far and wide for its high quality.

In the “M/V MAKING FILM” that was released a day after the music video, BLINKs were treated to a closer look at its jaw-dropping sets. Check out some of the most memorable ones below!

1. The bed of flowers

The field of flowers shown towards the end of “On The Ground” was more impressive in real life than expected! A large part of the set was covered in gorgeous white and pink flowers.

2. The stairway to heaven

Though the Rosé-inception and heavenly background were edited into the “Roses are dead” shot, the stairs were fully functional in real life!

Music Video | | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

Behind the Scenes Video | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

3. The mini house

The part where Rosé’s past self throws flowers and plays the piano was filmed in what looked like an actual small house.

It was filled with intricate details from tears on the wall to flower designs on the stairs.

rose house

4. The theater

Netizens couldn’t stop talking about the magical transformation of a rest stop located in Yongdu to Rosé’s world-class theater set.

We can’t blame them!

5. The car

Though the car wasn’t actually hit by an explosive from the air, it was set on fire.

6. The limo

Lastly, the perfect way to end the music video was with a stunning (and expensive) burning limousine. Amazingly, it was one hundred percent real.

BLACKPINK is known for their high quality sets and music video productions. Check out the “On The Ground” behind-the-scenes video below!