When it comes to outfits, BLACKPINK has their own unique styles. Each member is known for being a fashionista in their own right. It doesn’t matter if they wear stage outfits or casual clothes, they’re always dressed to impressed!

Even in plain black blouses, they have their notable differences. Check them out below!

1. Jennie

First up, Jennie is the definition of “boss” in black blouses.

jennie boss
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

jennie black]

She exudes a strong charisma that can’t be ignored. With her aura, she’s just like an untouchable and lovely queen in every outfit that she puts on.

jennie black

2. Jisoo

Next up, Jisoo looks like the lovely and pretty girl that she is in black tops.

jisoo black
| sooyaaa__/Instagram

Pairing her clothes with soft makeup and wavy hair, she looks like a girl-next-door protagonist from a comic book.


3. Rosé

Rosé, meanwhile, is cute and trendy, often donning off-shoulder blouses and crop tops.

| roses_are_rosie/Instagram

| roses_are_rosie/Instagram

While Jisoo looks like the main character from a comic, Rosé could fit right in with the popular girls of 90’s American movies. She has an air of luxury around her that is hard to find!

| roses_are_rosie/Instagram

| roses_are_rosie/Instagram 

4. Lisa

Last but not the least, Lisa is very casual with her blouses. She tends to crop her shirts to make them more comfortable while going about her business.

lisa black
| lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She’s gorgeous in her simple attire—no one could possibly take their eyes off her!

| lalalalisa_m/Instagram

lisa black2
| lalalalisa_m/Instagram

No matter what outfit type they’re wearing, BLACKPINK all looks stunning!

BLACKPINK All Wear Simple White Blouses Differently—Here’s How