Recently, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was seen in France for Paris Fashion Week. As the idol is the ambassador for Celine, she was seen supporting the brand by appearing during their show. There, she shocked fans with her upgraded visuals, sporting more Western style make-up.


Many are saying that she looks like a doll. With her unreal proportions, long legs and arms, as well as long flowy hair, she’s like an IRL Barbie!

lisa1 lisa2

Some have also said that she looks like an old-school Western celebrity. Since Lisa is seen sporting dark make-up and messy-chic brown hair, it’s not hard to imagine her in an old 1990’s movie premiere!

lisa3 lisa4

Lisa continues to bloom day by day and has once again proven that no matter where in the world she is, she is able to snatch everyone’s hearts! Lisa, keep shining!

Wow, Lisa is so pretty and charming.

– Korean Netizen