Today is an important day for Block B and BBC’s alike because it has been exactly 100 days since the powerful hip-hop group made their debut on the Korean music scene.  Both Block B and fans are celebrating this milestone in their own way.  Fans are expressing their love and support for the group by trending “BlockB100thday” on Twitter.  Block B’s vocalist Jae Hyo tweeted a message for fans expressing his gratitude, “Thank you everyone for congratulating us on our 100th day anniversary and we’ll eat the cake well!  I love BBC!”

Also on this 100th day it has been discovered that Block B is planning on visiting the Philippines.  An event is scheduled for August 31st through September 1st, 2011 where Block B is to be in attendance for a Hallyu Concert at the Mall of Asia.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Congratulations to Block B on reaching their landmark 100th day!  May this just be the beginning as they go on to have many more successful days and years to come.  Have plenty of cake!

Source: OMBlockb.PO and Jae Hyo’s Twitter
Translation: B on the Block