On March 17, Block B held a fan-signing event at a bookstore in Suwon, Kyeonggido. Like any other event, teenaged fans flocked to the bookstore to catch a glimpse of their favorite K-pop stars. However, this time, the fans’ drastic behaviors shocked netizens as they acted like gorillas, hanging from bookshelves.

In order to see Block B, the fans climbed on top of bookshelves, knocking down books and then stepping on and ripping them apart. Those at the event commented, “The students even damaged the anti-theft devices,” “More then a hundred books were damaged,” “They acted unruly and disrupted those who were at the bookstore to buy books,” “They sure acted in a way befitting their artists’s song ‘Nanrina’ [which means going crazy].”

Initially, only winners from an event were supposed to be allowed at the event. However, so many fans swarmed the venue, making it impossible to control and maintain order.