Yesterday we reported, from Cho PD, that Block B’s latest album was showing promising sale numbers, even before the mini’s actual release date.  Just how well has it been selling?  His statement might have left one wondering.  Up until now we had not seen any tangible figures for these sales.  Well, that was until today.  The Big Boss was correct as the young group has managed to place at the number two spot on the Gaon charts.  Not too shabby for a group that only debuted back in April.  These guys are definitely ones you should look out for in the future as they are destined for great things.

Also of interest to fans Cho PD tweeted regarding the groups store for international purchases saying:

“We will be putting up a post regarding international purchases for BBCs. I’m leaving a mention here because it seems people aren’t reading the notifications on the official homepage.”

Block B will hold their comeback performance on the July 2nd episode of Music Core.

Congratulations to Block B for this achievement, may they continue to blossom and rise higher atop all charts!