Things are starting to look up for the fans of Block B. It’s been reported that they’ve placed 10th on Billboard’s World Chart for their first full length album “Blockbuster,” making them the only Korean artist to list in the top 10 this week beating out many sunbaes in the K-Pop world for the spot.

The World Chart is largely determined by Nielsen Sound Scan, which is a system tracking information and sales and is used by America and Canada as the official source of sales records for Billboard and many industry insiders for it’s weekly updates.

A representative from Stardom Entertainment commented, “Block B has landed on the highly respected Billboard’s World Chart. Thanks to Psy’s great advancement and visibility, the group was able to receive much attention.”

Meanwhile, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is placed 2nd on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the 5th straight week.

Soompiers, do you think their agency is right? Is their achievement all thanks to Psy? What do you think of their album?