On April 30, Block B made a surprise comeback with the full music video for “Shut My Eyes (Overlook Your Mistakes).” The song is the title track of their repackaged album for “Welcome to the Block,” which was released on the same day.

Block B, however, will not be running any promotions for this album. According to Block B’s agency, this album was published because of the existing contract with their distributor, which was signed prior to their controversial comment in Thailand.

“This does not mean we’re resuming our promotions. We have no plans for a comeback with a new track. The members are still reflecting on their mistakes,” the agency said.

In fact, “Shut My Eyes” is a song written before Block B’s debut. The song is about letting go your past lover and forgiving her mistakes, as implied in the title. Ironically, the title fits with Block B’s current situation, where they are asking for the fans’ and the general public’s forgiveness.

The title was also originally named, “Please Overlook My Mistakes,” but in order to prevent any further controversy, Block B decided to reword it as “Shut My Eyes (Overlook Your Mistakes).”

Without further ado, enjoy Block B’s latest MV below! Also, in case you haven’t seen it already, watch Soompi’s exclusive interview with Block B here!