Block B‘s Park Kyung, who will be replacing BTSRap Monster on tvN’s “Problematic Men” starting this week, considers himself to be a perfect addition to the entertaining quiz show.

On the September 6 broadcast, Park Kyung describes his brain as “truly sexy,” and adds, “My educational background might not be outstanding, but my creativity makes me a brainy, sexy guy.”

Teammates Zico and Yukwon express their confidence in Park Kyung’s intelligence, saying, “I think he’s exceptionally bright. I can definitely say that his brain is sexy,” and, “As Kyung has lived abroad, he is our representative English speaker whenever we go overseas. We wouldn’t be able to survive in foreign countries without Kyung.”

B-Bomb adds, “We once had to solve math problems on a reality show, and he was the first one to solve them. He is truly gifted.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Park Kyung on “Problematic Men”?

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