Block B‘s Park Kyung, who is diligently working on his new solo “Ordinary Love,” talked about why he would never go on the hip hop survival variety show “Show Me the Money.”

During a recent interview, Park Kyung was complimented for both his rapping and singing skills. To that, he responded, “I actually got into Block B as a rapper, but there were already charismatic rappers on the team, so it was hard to show anything that was clearly my own, even though I was confident in my rap skills. I did raps with a melody, and as I did that, I got more interested in vocals as well.”

He was then asked, “Didn’t you ever want to go on ‘Show Me the Money?’”

He responded, “At first, I did want to. But I gave that up when Zico became a judge on the show. I’ve been a friend of Zico’s since elementary school, and it hurt my pride a bit to think that he would be a judge and I would be a contestant. I’ve completely given up on that now. Even if Zico leaves the show, I don’t want to go on it anymore.”

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