Updated: September 9 KST

A teaser image for the solo debut of Block B‘s Park Kyung has been revealed. In the image he is seen on a swimming tube in a colorful ball pool. His agency Seven Seasons commented, “Park Kyung displayed special affection and passion while writing and composing his solo song. This will be an opportunity for him to grow as an artist.”

Meanwhile, Block B will have their fanmeeting “BEETWEEN” on October 3.

Original Article:

According to Seven Seasons, the management company of Block B, Park Kyung will be releasing a solo single on September 21, where he will be singing a duet with a female singer. His management agency said, “[Park Kyung’s song] will be the next ‘Some.’”

Park Kyung’s solo comeback was already hinted at by Park Kyung via his Twitter account, where he said, “I miss my fans. We’ll soon see each other often, so wait for me.”

park kyung

Park Kyung also posted a picture of the music video filming on his Twitter account, saying, “See you soon.” In the picture, he is sitting on a chair alone, staring at the camera.

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