Block B’s U-Kwon recently participated in a photo shoot for The Star’s May issue. The artist pulled off the pictorial with ease, which has a unique and almost dreamlike quality to it.

In the accompanying interview, U-Kwon gave refreshingly honest answers and said, “When we have downtime, the members often meet up. Our leader Zico, however, is so busy that it’s hard to get in touch with him. Even when we do call him, he says that he’s in the middle of working on new music or just asks to talk later.”

He continued, “Honestly, Zico has a bit of an intimidating aspect to him, as he is our leader. I think this is because he inevitably works the hardest for our team. Sometimes, when I’m just resting or doing something fun, I’ll think of Zico and feel a pang of guilt,” relaying his honest feelings about his fellow Block B member.

The artist, who has been publicly dating model Jeon Sun Hye since 2012, also talked about his girlfriend and said, “My girlfriend is decisive when she wants to be but she also is very understanding. Because of my job, there are many things that could potentially be hard to understand; however, perhaps it’s because she’s experienced the same kind of lifestyle I currently live, she’s able to understand my perspective on it.”

Meanwhile, Block B celebrated their sixth debut anniversary earlier this month and Zico opened up about being a romanticist and his goals as a producer.

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