Freshly returned idol boy group Block B has put forth two of their members, Zico and P.O to take on the challenge of being an MC.

Block B is receiving a lot of love for their newest come back track, “Nillili Mambo” and it seems like fans will be able to get more of Block B as Zico and P.O have been selected to emcee “The Show.” Zico and P.O have reportedly finished their first recording for “The Show” on October 22.

Zico and P.O stated, “We just had our come back for the first time in a while and when we heard that we were chosen as MCs, we were so happy. We will work even harder to show our good sides to our fans who give us so much love. I hope everyone will keep watching over Block B.”

“The Show” is an SBS-MTV music program that features many hot artists and a variety of different performances each week. Each month, different members from different groups will form special units to give fresh and new performances.

Meanwhile, Block B is actively promoting “Nillili Mambo,” which is their first come back song after 8 months.