Group Block B‘s leader Zico has told fashion magazine Cosmopolitan that he has achieved his goal as a musician.

“I’ve achieved my dream of becoming a musician that navigates both the mainstream and the underground,” he told the fashion magazine.

He continued, “I wanted to become a musician with the ability to be active in both the mainstream and the underground, and I’ve achieved that. If you look at the rap lyrics I’ve written in the last four years, you can see the path I’ve been taking all along.”

His co-producers on the upcoming  “Show Me the Money 4” also partook in the interview with the magazine, as they talked about their intentions and experiences with the show. Rapper Loco said, “I think it will be fun, since I’m good friends with the producers and I also understand how the contestants feel. I want to help rappers get their name known through the show, just like I was helped with the first season.”

“Show Me the Money 4” will premiere this coming Friday, June 26, on Mnet.

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