Block B‘s Zico revealed a new mixtape, and its contents are garnering some interest.

On June 7, Zico revealed the mixtape on his Twitter with the captions, “my team remix – zico.” Since mixtapes are not for commercial use and the artists writes lyrics over previously existing beats, rappers can express themselves more freely.

In the mixtape that was revealed, there are some interesting lyrics, including, “I became a useful reference to rookie development teams. They say they make mixtapes and compose. Then afterwards they media play articles with me in it.”

He then continues, “For them to get big, they have to hashtag Zico like coconut water. Rappers who were put together by looking at instruction manuals are overflowing, ya know what I mean.”

Netizens are wondering if the lyrics, which seem like they’re targeting someone, are about Minhyuk from MONSTA X, who recently made a comment about Zico. On May 24, when a fan asked MONSTA X, “How do you feel when you hear that Jooheon resembles Zico?” Minhyuk replied, “It’s annoying, to be honest. How do you feel, Jooheon? Be honest.”

Minhyuk issued an apology on May 25 through MONSTA X’s official twitter to Zico and the BBC fans.

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