Block-B’s sensational rapper, Zico, will be on stage with HyunA for tonight’s Mnet “M! Countdown!” The leader of Block-B revealed through his Twitter account on August 10th, “I’m going on stage tomorrow on ‘M! Countdown!’ for ‘Just Follow,’ HyunA’s next single produced by Dok2 hyung! Please watch it live! Of course, the lyrics will be Zico’s version!”

Netizens who saw this commented, “I’m really pumped!” “Zico’s rap is really the best! I hope you listen to his mix tape too!” and “I’m watching the show live for sure! HyunA’s new song is daebak too!”

Block-B is a seven member boy band produced by rapper Cho PD. Zico is widely considered the most talented rapper from the group as he’s been featured in many pop singles by IU, Cho PD, and Jung Seul Ki in the past.

In case you missed it, here we have videos of Zico’s sick freestyle rapping and a song from his mix tape, “ZICO on the BLOCK – Mixtape vol. 1.” How do you like his style?