BoA unveiled a funny photo she took with Gary on her twitter. On April 2, on her twitter she wrote, “Did you enjoy watching “Running Man” and “K-POP Star” yesterday?! “Running Man” was aired, so I guess it’s time to uncover this photo too?! With the best reaction, I snapped a photo with Gary oppa.”

In the picture, BoA and Gary are dressed like a couple and making funny expressions on their faces. With the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background, the two seem like they are using there hands to push it from falling. They look like they are trying their best to keep it up. The photo was taken during the “Running Man” episode that was shown on April 1, when they had to go to an art museum. While on their mission, they took pictures like they were visitors at the museum.

Netizens who saw the photo wrote, “BoA, you are so cute,” “Even with that kind of expression on your face, you’re still pretty,” “Strangely, they look good together.”

Also, watch them take the picture during the show. It starts at around 0:30:00.