On the July 25 broadcast of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, singers BoA and Sung Shi Kyung made a guest appearance on the show. Back in 2018, BoA made a an appearance on the show with actor Lee Sang Yeop and revealed that she didn’t want to come out again this time after that broadcast.


She revealed that it was because of Kang Ho Dong that she didn’t want to come on the show again and admitted that she argued with SM‘s CEO Lee Soo Man until 4 AM about this matter.


Kang Ho Dong revealed that he felt that this was all a misunderstanding as other members of the show started telling him to apologize for his actions.


Although this story may have been shown like this for entertainment purposes, fans also know that these two are good friends in real life and are known for joking around with one another.

Take a listen to BoA and Sung Shi Kyung’s collaboration on the show below!