On April 25, BoA got her fans excited for her upcoming single and also called out SM STATION for incorrectly writing her name.

BoA re-uploaded the video clip that was posted on SM STATION’s Instagram account, which has a teaser image with her name spelled in all caps as “BOA.” In the caption, she included the release date of her single, April 28, and also added, “But why can’t you guys write my name with the right capitalization? Isn’t my name BoA? Please double check before uploading please.”

After BoA pointed out the error in the teaser, SM STATION’s Instagram account deleted the previous post and uploaded a new teaser video.  However, things didn’t end there.  Fans expressed their discontent with the company’s actions and commented, “You could have just edited the post.  Because you erased the previous post and uploaded a new one, you lost all the views and comments that were posted under the first post.”  Fans were also disappointed that the company wrote one of their own artist’s name wrong and only bothered to change it after BoA pointed it out herself.

Meanwhile, BoA will be releasing new her single, “Spring Rain,” through SM STATION on April 28 at 6 p.m. KST!

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