Singer BoA is garnering attention after clearing up rumors stating she deliberately ignores Gil’s calls.

On June 6, BoA wrote on her Twitter: “Did you all watch ‘Win Win?’ I will try to be a more timid woman from now on. And I always call back Gil oppa (older male). Please do not misunderstand.”

The singer had to clear up the rumors after her brother appeared on “Win Win” and said, “BoA is workaholic. She smiles the most when she talks about work. She does not even pick up calls from male celebrities.” It was later discovered that one of the male celebrities was LeeSsang’s Gil.

After the episode was aired, various speculations on BoA’s and Gil’s relationship being a bitter one arose; thus, BoA cleared the rumors through her Twitter.

Netizens commented: “BoA did not even have to explain anything about the Gil phone call incident~”, “It is okay BoA, we would not have misunderstood even if you did not clear up the speculations about Gil~”, “BoA’s explanation about Gil! Very kind of her as always,” “So she was not deliberately ignoring Gil’s phone calls,” and “I misunderstood for no reason, I should not have done that.”