BoA recently paid a visit to MBC radio program “Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp” and talked about her plans for the future, including marriage.

During the show, the DJ reads off one of the messages that the viewers sent in, saying, “You’re good at singing and dancing. I wonder who will be the one to marry you.”

Afterwards, the DJ asks BoA, “When are you planning to get married?” BoA replies, “I want to do it during the next 10 years.”

“You have to have a significant other, though, right?” the DJ asks again, and she answers, “I should. But as time goes on, I feel like I’m running out of more and more options.”

“You’re still young. These days, the typical age range to get married changed to the mid-30s and even the 40s,” the DJ remarks, and BoA reiterates, “I want to get married during my mid-30s and before I hit my 40s.”

Meanwhile, BoA came back with “Kiss My Lips” and “Who Are You,” receiving a lot of love from her fans.

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