On August 25th, BoA was named the judge of SBS “Survival Audition K-Pop Star,” joining JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young and YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk as one of the three main judging panels.

“BoA is one of the first idol singers to spread Korea’s name around the world—she’s a true global star. Her gifted live singing and dancing skills, and her intense work ethic known to be the best in the industry, as well as her fluent foreign language skills make us look forward to her activity. You’ll be able to hear the opinion of someone who’s not a producer, but someone who’s actually been on stage as a singer,” SBS said in a statement.

BoA said the type of star she’ll be looking for on the show would be, “Someone who’s unique, but also persistent and passionate, with a hard work ethic to continue developing yourself.”

BoA debuted at the tender age of 13. She’s instantly become one of the most popular K-Pop artists with her powerful singing and dancing skills. Later on, she ventured into Japan, breaking countless records to become an iconic K-Pop figure around the world. She was once voted as the “Most Admirable Role Model” by current singers and trainees.

SBS “Survival Audition K-Pop Star” will hold preliminary auditions until September 18th. The show will air its first episode in December.