On Instagram story, BoA revealed a preview of her upcoming episode of Nobody Talks To BoA where she shocked fellow legend, Uhm Jung Hwa by revealing the real reason she carried a Persian cat everywhere she went when she debuted.



As an artist who was active when BoA first debuted, Uhm Jung Hwa recalled how BoA used to carry a Persian cat everywhere she went.

When our schedules would overlap back in the day, you carried a cat everywhere you went.

— BoA


And BoA confessed that she did, but not because she wanted to.

I did. Because the agency told me to.

— BoA


She then elaborated on why Lee Soo Man told her to carry the cat everywhere despite their lack of chemistry.

Lee Soo Man told me to raise a Persian cat so that I can look more mysterious. The cat hated me.

— BoA


And Uhm Jung Hwa was shocked.

I thought you carried around a cat because you debuted at a young age and had no friends. I thought you did it for comfort.

— Uhm Jung Hwa


BoA debuted back in 2000, making this year her 20th year as an idol and celebrity.


She just released her 20th debut anniversary album, “BETTER”.