BoA recently supported and praised DBSK’s Yunho for his latest acting gig. The singer showed off her close friendship for her labelmate Yunho who stars in SBS’s Mon/Tues drama “Night King” as Baek Do Hoon, with a support message on her Twitter. 

On March 11, BoA tweeted, “Oh~~~~~Jung Yunho!!!!!! Brother~~~~Your crying acting is alive~~~~~~~~ I was really surprised~~~~Friend, continue to work hard, hwaiting ^ ^ Please cheer for ‘Night King’s’ Yoon Dol-ie ^ ^.” Shortly after, she added, “So..Does this mean Yunho won’t come out anymore..? What..TT”

::spoiler alert::

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of “Night King” Baek Do Hoon found out that the woman he loves, Joo Da Hye (Soo Ae), blackmailed his family into accepting her as a daughter-in-law. As he confronts her, he accidentally triggers a car bomb, getting caught in the explosion. The episode ended with Baek Do Hoon in critical condition, leaving viewers unsure of his future.