BoA, who is currently serving as one of the judges in the survival audition program “K-Pop Star,” recently revealed her secret to beautiful skin. The singer has recently been receiving a lot of attention for her honest criticism and commentary on SBS “K-Pop Star.” Viewers were pleased to see a different side of her that they couldn’t see while she was on stage. 

She recently had a photoshoot with style magazine “Sure,” and also sat down for an interview. In addition, her styling team revealed, “Because BoA sits down on the show while she is evaluating the contestants, viewers usually only get to see her upper body. As a result, we pay a lot of attention to her shirt, hairstyle, and makeup.”

But even with only her upper body showing, netizens didn’t fail to notice her beautiful skin. 

What could be the singer’s secret to beautiful skin? Good genes starting from her mother may be part of the reason, but the singer’s hardworking effort in skincare is probably the larger reason. 

When asked about the secret to her flawless skin, BoA replied, “Ever since I was young, I had to wear makeup for long periods of time. Because of this, I put in a lot of effort when I wash my face. I would say that the most important factor to good skin is thorough cleansing.” The singer also added that in addition to paying attention to her face, she also spends a lot of time on the rest of her body with body wash. 

Her beautiful photoshoot can be checked out in “Sure” magazine this May.