Choi Siwon is under attack!  Who is his Twitter opponent?  None other than fellow idol BoA.

What is happening in the Twittersphere?  On August 25th, the Queen of K-Pop spilled the gossip beans all over the social networking site… that Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon is a player.  Is the news true?


I hardly think so. The born-again Christian artist has shared with the press his desire to be faithful and true to his future wife.  The online joke was tweeted to Jaeson Ma and cleared up by the SuJu member himself. 

Check out BoA’s mischevious tweeting below: 

BoA: “jeason!!!! How r ya?! Siwon is WOMANIZER!!!!!”

Jaeson Ma: “lol. I’m doing GREAT! Congrats on your 11th year anniversary in Japan! Siwon is a womanizer or heartbreaker? Haha love u both!”

Choi Siwon: “womanizer!?kkk im not de09 haha!”