In a recent interview, BoA revealed why she became more open about showing herself on reality shows and variety programs.

On January 26, the press conference for BoA’s new single “Nega Dola” and XtvN’s reality show “Keyword #BoA” was held at the KBS Media Center in Sangam.

During the interview, BoA responded to the question of what led her to engage with her fans more on social media. The singer answered, “I think I feel more comfortable now as I’m older.”

She continued, “In the past, I think I was scared of showing myself. I thought people disliked me because I received so much hate when I was young. But as I grew older, I realized that there were people who disliked me and people who liked me. So I learned that there was no need for me to be so conscious of what others thought about me.”

The singer went on, “I am no longer fearful or uncomfortable about showing myself. And I realized I shouldn’t get ahead of myself and lock myself in fear and worry even before something happens. I think these thoughts are what make me realize that I am maturing, going from my 20s to a full-fledged adult.”

BoA also talked about why she decided to appear on JTBC’s “Night Goblin” and “Ask Me Anything.” She explained, “The biggest reason for me to appear on variety shows is the establishment of the company SM C&C. In the past, I felt burdened about appearing on variety shows, but I think I am more comfortable because there are more colleagues from our company such as Lee Soo Geun, Kang Ho Dong, and Shin Dong Yup. And ‘Night Goblin’ played a huge role [in helping me feel more comfortable].”

BoA will be returning with her new single “Nega Dola” on January 31. Her reality show “Keyword #BoA” is broadcasted on V Live from Monday to Friday, and the regular episode will premiere on January 28 on XtvN.

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