Asia’s star BoA will be the first singer to be on JTBC‘s “Hidden Singer 4.”

On September 7, JTBC said, “BoA, who is celebrating her 15th debut anniversary this year, will be the main character of the first episode of ‘Hidden Singer.’”

BoA, who is touted as the best female singer in Korea as well as being the role model for countless young singers, debuted in 2000 at the age of 15. She set records in Korea and Japan, an even now, she does no stop challenging herself.

BoA revealed to the staff that she is a huge fan of the show through an interview, saying, “I was watching Cool‘s Lee Jae Hoon episode last season and there was someone whose voice was exactly the same so I was so surprised. I said, ‘Huh? What is that?’ and had to rewind it and watch it again.”

Adding to this, she said, “I have heard that my voice is unique, so I wonder if there are people whose voices are the same as mine. I can’t wait to meet my imitators.”

The staff relayed, “We’ve been sending BoA love calls since Season 1. The reason why BoA wasn’t selected as the very first singer will be revealed through the broadcast.” They added, “We hope the BoA episode of ‘Hidden Singer 4’ will serve as an opportunity for people to listen and think about BoA’s Music.”

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