BoA revealed her house for the first time on TV today. The KBS “Yuh Yoo Man Man” team visited BoA’s house located in the outskirts of Seoul, showing the bedroom and back yard the star singer used to grow up in.

The viewers especially took note of the moderate look of the house, which was quite different from what many fans expected from a global pop icon like BoA. Even with the large back yard and the beautiful view it had, the house was far from what you would typically see from the lavishly decorated mansions of some Hollywood or K-Pop stars.

There’s also a mini-pagoda style deck in the back yard where BoA’s family was seen having dinner together. BoA’s mom also grows plants in a small garden she has just next to the house. Inside the house, there was a piano and karaoke machine that her mom described as, “We bought them for the first son who was learning piano and our daughter (BoA) who wanted to become a singer as kids.”

BoA’s bedroom was also made public for the first time on the show. BoA’s mom said, “BoA used this room since she was a little kid.” There were only few furniture and decorations in the room, which her mom explained, “We couldn’t afford that much back then, so we couldn’t really put fancy decorations in the room.”


The show also featured photos of BoA as a kid, as well as interviews with her two older brothers, who are now both in the music industry.

Source: Newsen