BoA shared the album cover of her official eighth full album in Japan, “Who’s Back?

BoA posted on her Instagram on September 2, “’Who’s Back?’ is finally in my hands! It’s to be released on the third.” In the picture, BoA took a close shot of her album cover.

“Who’s Back?” is her newest album in Japan in four years and seven months since “Identity,” the seventh full album released in Japan in February of 2010. Starting today, BoA works in Japan with the release of the new album. With the release of this album, BoA hosts a nationwide tour in Japan all throughout September. She said about the nationwide tour in Japan, “I am excited and nervous. This is a shorter tour than other times, but I am excited because it’s my first tour in a long time.”

Read about the 14 tracks included in “Who’s Back?” here.