Singer BoA‘s unchanging beauty has recently been a hot topic among netizens.

BoA who is currently appearing on SBS‘ audition program “K-Pop Star” has been praised numerous times for her natural looks and beauty. This fact didn’t escape netizens’ sharp eyes as they shared pictures of BoA’s debuts days and compared them with her actual looks.

In particular, a picture showing BoA in 2004 has been cropped and compared with one screenshot of BoA on SBS K-Pop Star.

Her striking and unchanging appearance is obvious when comparing both pictures. BoA is known for her chameleon like image, as she has been the lead of many trends be it in fashion, looks and music throughout her career. She still boasts flawless pale skin and a sharp nose.

Netizens have been surprised by BoA’s unchanging beauty throughout the years and some even questioned whether the picture on the left was really dated 2004.

They commented, “I can’t believe it,” “BoA doesn’t age,” She looks exactly the same, how is that possible,” I thought that she looks even prettier now but she looked really pretty before too,” “As expected from BoA, the natural beauty,”

Check out some pictures of BoA we compiled below. What do you think of BoA’s unchanging beauty?


2004 & 2005


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