Earlier this month, it was revealed that before a late aspiring singer, Ms. Song (27) took her life back in April, she was drugged, sexually assaulted, and filmed by her ex-boyfriend, who is known to be a famous singer-songwriter who recently worked with a famous idol group.


When a blurred photo used for the news report was matched to a YouTube video of singer-songwriter, Bobby Chung, he was soon under attack for being the perpetrator.


Well, Bobby Chung finally broke his silence on his blog with an official statement regarding the incident.

First of all, I’d like to offer my prayer to the deceased and my condolences her friends and family.

— Bobby Chung

| @orange_psycho/Instagram

In his statement, Bobby Chung stressed that the accusations are false and that he plans to get to the bottom of it.

Last evening, I was summonded by the police for the first time for a police investigation where I calmly revealed that none of the accusations are true. I’m cautious at the moment out of fear of hurting the deceased, I strongly believe the misunderstanding will be cleared and my innocence will be revealed soon.

— Bobby Chung

| @orange_psycho/Instagram


Bobby Chung concluded by asking netizens to reserve their judgments until the facts are revealed.

Please reserve your judgments until then. I’ll be sure to take legal action against the media who didn’t even check the facts.

— Bobby Chung