As we reported earlier Bobby Kim had given much thought whether he should appear on “Survival: I Am a Singer” or not. Of course, his agency stated that Bobby Kim had to consider the national tour and also his new album with Buga Kings, but there is another factor that any frequent viewer of the show would recognize. It’s the fact that all these veteran singers are pitted against each other!

Pretty much, “Survival: I Am a Singer” has grown into a Korean pastime and a place for those weary of idol singers to satiate their music cravings. Because this is such a small window for some veteran singers to appear on television and performing, and also because of “pride issues” it is usually a difficult decision for a singer to appear on the show.

(Sorry for the long explanation, I’m a big fan of the show and also Bobby Kim, just wanted to express how much of a difficult decision it probably was for him.)

On August 2nd, Bobby Kim’s agency reported that “Bobby Kim has decided to appear on ‘Survival: I Am a Singer’ after careful deliberation.” He considered all of the factors that I discussed above.

It is being said that Bobby Kim has repeatedly been asked to appear on the show. He will appear on the show for the 15th, after other singers such as Park Jung Hyun, Yoon Do Hyun, and Kim Bum Soo “honorably” leave the show.

Source: IBTEN