Footage of BOL4‘s Ahn Ji Young making her best effort to perform on stage just a day before she halted her promotions due to anxiety symptoms has fans worried.

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Earlier this month, Ahn Ji Young’s agency stated that Ahn Ji Young will be taking some time off for the sake of her health.

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But just one day before, Ahn Ji Young performed at Gacheon University‘s school festival where she performed 4 songs over the span of 18 minutes.

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Although Ahn Ji Young seemed somewhat uncomfortable, she could be seen giving it her all on stage.

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From the fans’ perspective, it seemed as though Ahn Ji Young forced herself to smile and be cheerful when she didn’t actually feel that way.

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Toward the end of the performance, Ahn Ji Young even took out her in-ear and explained why.

I normally don’t take out my in-ear, but I’m going to take them out because I really want to hear your voices today.

— Ahn Ji Young

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Fans are expressing their heartbreak with comments such as “My heart broke when she took out her in-ear to hear fans’ voices“, “It’s obvious she’s trying to look cheerful“, and “The things she does for her fans“.

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Here’s to wishing Ahn Ji Young a sound recovery.