On the lastest episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” cast members of SBS drama “The Great Seer” made a special guest appearance. On the show, Boom asked “The Great Seer” cast to take a look at his home. From the visuals provided, viewers ooh’ed and awed over the magnificent view of the Han River from the spacious living room. 

Lee Yoon Ji remarked, “It’s a shame that the sofa takes in all of that great view and it seems a bit dark inside even during the day, so you might have to turn on the lights.” After viewing the bedroom, she noted, “It’s great that you still have a view of everything from the bedroom. The bedroom looks perfect for leaving all of your work day troubles behind and taking in good energy.”

Viewers also noticed something interesting hung in Boom’s kitchen. It was a framed photo of Korea’s MC Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Ho Dong and Boom himself. Boom explained, “I wanted to hang this photo because I wanted it to become a source of inspiration and motivation. I have great ambitions for the future.” When asked where the photo of “Strong Heart” MC Shin Dong Yup was in Boom’s home, Boom replied with, “Shin Dong Yup’s photo is somewhere in my drawer chest,” causing everyone to erupt in laughter.