Boom, who recently made a highly anticipated comeback into the entertainment industry after completing his two year mandatory military enlistment, will be emceeing the Chuseok special episode of MBC‘s popular singing program, “I Am a Singer”.

To celebrate the Chuseok weekend this year, MBC will be broadcasting a special “Best of the Best” episode of “I Am a Singer”. The show will be divided into eight categories in total, which include “Best In Sales”, “Most Moving Stage”, “Best Singer Character”, “Best Unconventional Stage”, and the “Best Goodbye Stage.”

As Boom is becoming a more and more highly demanding asset in the variety show industry, it’s safe to say that Boom will be a great addition to this special episode.

Interesting enough, Boom himself confessed that while he was in the military, he thought of challenging himself by requesting to sing on “I Am a Singer”, because he did initially debut as a singer in 2006 after all.

However, he continued in a joking manner, “But when I watched ‘I Am a Singer’, I felt that real singers were actually really different from me, so I took a lot of time to self-reflect. I think I will refrain from trying to advance in the music path from now on.”

The special broadcast of “I Am a Singer – Best of the Best” will take place on September 13, so stay tuned!