Bora showed her support for her friend INFINITE’s Sunggyu by attending his military musical this weekend!

Sunggyu, who enlisted in May of this year, is currently performing in the military musical production “Shinheung Military Academy” while completing his mandatory military service.

On September 16, Bora shared photos of herself posing with Sunggyu, with whom she is known to be close friends, after his musical. The photos show the singer happily holding up a fan bearing Sunggyu’s name.

Bora also wrote in the caption, “I finally met up with Gyu! Stay strong, Gyu.”

Tagging Sunggyu and his co-stars, actors Kang Ha Neul and Ji Chang Wook, she added, “It was really such an amazing performance.” 

“Shinheung Military Academy” will run for two weeks at the National Museum of Korea’s Theater Yong, after which it will go on tour across the nation.

Meanwhile, Bora was recently confirmed to be appearing in the new season of the popular crime drama “God’s Quiz,” which will premiere on November 7.