On the July 7 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Bora shared a hilarious comment Lee Seo Jin once made to her.

During one of the show’s regular corners, Bora asked the other guests and cast members to guess what shocking words she heard from a fellow celebrity before.

As a hint, she revealed that the celebrity was older than her and that it wasn’t Lee Seung Gi. However, no one could guess who it was, and she finally revealed it was actor Lee Seo Jin.

When the cast members guessed things like, “Did he say ‘Bora, you were in SISTAR?’ or ‘Bora, are you close with SISTAR,’” she gave another hint saying it was after the group had officially disbanded.

Eventually, Hello Venus’s Nara got it right by guessing that Lee Seo Jin made the comment, “I heard you were cut from SISTAR.”

Bora explained, “I’m in the same agency as Lee Seo Jin now. I went to have a meeting with the CEO when Seo Jin saw me and joked, ‘I heard you were cut from SISTAR.’ I replied right away, ‘That’s not it,’ and signed my contract. Lee Seo Jin was actually a big fan of SISTAR, and in the past on ‘Three Meals a Day’, he asked if SISTAR would appear on the show.”

Seo Jang Hoon said, “That was his way of expressing affection to you,” and Bora agreed with him.

When asked about her plans as a singer, Bora replied, “It’s been a year since [SISTAR] disbanded. When I see music programs nowadays, I do want to go on stage. I don’t know when it will happen, but won’t I be on there one day?”

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