Starship Entertainment‘s boy group BOYFRIEND lasted over seven years and disbanded in 2019. Since some disbanded have groups later reunited, Minwoo shared his thoughts on whether that could be in the cards for BOYFRIEND.

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Through his YouTube channel 미누 MINU, he treated viewers to his reaction to one of BOYFRIEND’s “Don’t Touch My Girl” stages. Because the uploader inserted fans’ comments within it, Minwoo pointed out one that caught his attention.

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One fan used a play on words referencing GFRIEND to signal that BOYFRIEND should make a comeback as well:

‘GIRLFRIEND is working now. BOYFRIEND please come back!’ I think this last comment is really appreciable.

— Minwoo

Seeing how much fans still wanted to see them was something that Minwoo appreciated, “It touches my heart.” They weren’t the only ones who shared the wish.

Having debuted before he was eighteen years old and spending so many years as an idol, Minwoo admitted he missed it and hoped to return. “I so badly wanna come back soon.

He didn’t want to return to the stage alone, either. “I really wish to come back with all members as a unit.

Although Minwoo, Kwangmin, and Youngmin couldn’t continue to make YouTube videos together because of conflicting plans, all the members may be successful in reuniting in the future. With their ten-year anniversary coming up in May, they may have something in the works.

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Watch Minwoo open up about wanting them to stand on stage together again.