Youngmin and Kwangmin of Boyfriend shared how much they are different despite the fact that they look so similar as twin brothers.

The twins showed off their brotherly chemistry in a photo shoot with fashion magazine Singles. In the released photo, they are wearing dandy black-and-white outfits that make them look both chic yet casual. In the interview following the photo shoot, they shared their inner thoughts about each other.

Youngmin and Kwangmin, who were born six minutes apart, say many people aren’t able to easily tell them apart. However, despite the fact that they look alike, they actually have more differences than similarities.

Youngmin prefers ballad music while Kwangmin enjoys listening to hip hop, which is why Youngmin is a vocalist and Kwangmin is a rapper. They have dissimilarities in their fashion preferences as well. The twins also revealed that Kwangmin is more on the lively side while Youngmin has a calm personality. The two of them said in unison, ” Since we are different, we learn a great deal from each other. ”

Youngmin confessed, “I envy Kwangmin’s carefree nature. I tend to fear change, so I always feel like I’m stuck in a rut.” On the other hand, Kwangmin admitted, “I want to show a sincere side of myself. It would’ve been nice if we had half of each other’s personalities.”

The twins also discussed how special their relationship is. They said, “While being active as singers, we tend to rely on each other. We know about each other’s voices very well, so we share musical advice with each other.” Youngmin added, “I had a lot of difficulties before and after my debut, but just knowing that my brother is in the same group comforts me. It’s because no matter what issues I face, I know that I’ll have at least one person who is always on my side.”

Youngmin and Kwangmin revealed their future dreams. They said, “We once acted as antagonists before. We still have a desire to act. We also want to release an album together.”

The duo is currently bust with preparations for Boyfriend’s seventh anniversary fan meeting “Time CapsuleSeven Steps That We Walked Together.” The event will be held on May 26, their official debut date, at Dongduk Centennial Memorial Hall in Seoul.

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